Saturday, 14 January 2017

Medenmar - First characters and first steps

So, as I said in the introduction, these characters are from the first ever RPG that me or my play group has played. I volunteered to be GM, as I'm always up for creating a fantasy world and working out a plot (and ways to try and kill my players). So there are 3 other players and we chose to go for a fantasy setting as it is the most popular among them. The rules are my own, a concoction of various things I've read and modified over time between us. We could of used a pre-made set of rules to make things easier, but hey where's the fun in that!

So the basic idea of the world is that magic is fairly common. As in fairly common I mean that since humans knew how to throw rocks and start fires, they could wield magic. It is something the sentient races are born with, and it is thanks to this magic that they have developed over the years. Such is their power that they often hold noble titles, or are the leaders of towns and villages in the various kingdoms and realms of the world. It is also more of a science now, as the way magic is manipulated is quite well understood by those in the great universities.
This comes into conflict with technology; while there is basic technology (about Medieval levels) much innovation is halted by the mages in power to continue the status quo. Give the peasants muskets, then the fire mage might be out of a job as he tires out and is just one man, unlike technology that is accessible and easy to replicate.
Finally there are the artificers and alchemists, who work on mixing science and magic. Basically the mad scientists of the setting!

So my three players all wanted to be mages. We have:
-François of Divir (Gautier), an exile from a noble family who fled after being framed for murdering his parents, and uses a magical dagger that he throws to teleport to. He can also cast some mind manipulation spells, and is the best fighter in the group (especially compared to the others...)
-Lüpensangfren (Manuel, who seemed to want to make a name extremely hard to pronounce over and over...), an old professor from a university who was fired for studying necromancy so has gone adventuring to continue his studies. So he can summon ghouls to fight for him, and is trained in detecting magic emitting from mages and magical or enchanted items.
-Reenadria Redears (Jeff), a beast woman geomancer who throws rocks and has a staff that comes alive. She is also the sort of tracker, as her beastly senses allow her to see in the dark and sneak around better than the other two clumsy humans.

The party started in Esgat, a frontier town of the Medenmar Kingdom. They came after hearing there was work for mercenaries, and after meeting up on the road they are broke and hungry.
Next time I'll write up the early adventures of my band of misfits!

As our first RPG, the sheets are rather basic; we settled for 3 stats, a few passive buffs and a few spells or activated abilities. They are SLIGHTLY unbalanced but hey, first time and all...

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