Saturday, 14 January 2017


Where are you? Who am I? What do I do?

This is Shield and Short Sword, a blog here I hope to recount my first steps into the world of role-playing games. Not to long ago now, after some thought and false starts, me and a group of friends jumped into our first ever pen and paper RPG. I have taken on the role of game's master, and my blog is basically to recount our tales and spurt out thoughts I have on world creating, games rules or just anything that crosses my mind.

I decided to make a blog after rediscovering some blogs that I used to read several years ago, before becoming a student, and they inspired to create one to keep a record of the games I play and write they out rather than just having a bunch of leftover notes after each session.

As for who I am, I'm just an aspiring GM hoping my tales and thoughts will interest you in some way.

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